Earth and Planetary Material Science Group


About Earth and Planetary Material Science Group

The scale of time and space of many geological phenomena are beyond those of the history and access of mankind. Therefore, we need to study the natural rocks/minerals which preserve the information of the Earth activities, in order to understand what happened in past, and to predict the geological future events. The members of the Earth and Planetary Materials group study the natural rocks/minerals using the cutting edge research tools such as a sensitive high resolution ion microprobe, X-ray fluorescent/Raman spectrometers, transmission/scanning electron microscopes, X-ray diffractometer among others, in addition to the field survey. Our main topics include 1) evolution of continental crust for last several thousands of millions years, 2) rock flow mechanism generated by the mantle convection, 3) process of fault motion emitting the enormous energy, 4) formation process of ore, 5) various phenomena related to rock-fluid interaction and 6) detail crystallographic characteristics of minerals and their applications.


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